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Benedetti & Benedetti provides the service of domain name registration and management.

The domain names registered in Panama will be under the country code “.pa”


[1].The complete name of the domain you desire to register.

[2].The complete name of the applicant, domicile, postal code, telephone, fax and the corporate name of the applicant.

[3].A technical contact (natural person) from the applicant is required for purposes of technical questions. (Full name, position occupied at the company, office telephone, office fax and e-mail).

[4].Facts of the primary name server:

Name of the Host that is primary DNS, that is, the name of the machine that is going to respond for the domain name to be registered.
IP Address of the primary DNS, that is, the numerical value.
The type of Hardware of the primary DNS. (*optional)
The type of Software of the primary DNS. (*opcional)

[5].Aditionally, the facts of at least one secondary server are necessary, for purposes of having another server responding for your domain name in case of a failure of the primary server. For said secondary servers, it is required the same information as for the primary server:

Name of the Host that is primary/secondary/third secondaryDNS.
IP Address of the primary/secondary/third secondary DNS.
Type of Hardware of the primary/secondary/third secondary DNS. (*optional)
Type of Software of the primary/secondary/third secondary DNS. (*optional)

[6].Administrative Contact for purposes of solving any dispute against a third party.

[7].Financial Contact for purposes of colleting fees.


BENEDETTI & BENEDETTI, as your legal representative will be in this case both, the administrative contact and the financial contact. For this purpose, it is necessary that you forward us a letter bearing the seal of the applicant, authorizing us to register the domain name and to appear as the administrative and financial contact, before the domain name registration offices, PANNET. Said letter does not need to be notarized or legalized.

The timeframe to obtain a domain name registration is approximately one (1) week. Once the application is filed, the domain name registration office takes two (2) days to process the information. When the same has been approved, the registration office forwards us a letter requesting the payment (US$70.00 for the first two (2) years, and for the domain “.net”, the cost will be of US$100.00). After receiving the payment, they proceed to activate the domain name. By means of a letter, the registration office informs us that the requested domain name has been activated.

The registration cost includes any updating required during the first two (2) years. After the two year grant period, the domain name can be renewed by periods of one (1) year, for a cost of US$35.00 annually, except for the domain “.net”, which the cost is US$50.00 annually.


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