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Advantages of Registry of vessels under Panamanian flag

The Panamanian registry offers many facilities of considerable interest to shipowners who wish to register their vessels under our Flag.

Amongst the advantages offered by the open Panamanian registry are that any person or company, regardless of their nationality and place of incorporation is eligible to register ships under the Panamanian flag. Also, there is no minimum tonnage requirement, type or size of vessel registered. Pleasure yachts are entitled to reduced tariffs, and ship fleet to tax rebates under current regulations.

Also it is possible to register a vessel which is under construction provided that at least 1/3 of the total amount budgeted for the hull has already been invested, obtain a special type of registration for vessels on account of scrapping, delivery voyage or any other purpose of a provisional nature registered.

Pursuant of Law 11 of 1973 and Law 83 of 1973 it is possible to have dual registration of vessels, under certain circumstance, whereby a vessel registered under the Panamanian flag will be allowed to fly another flag a special registry on account of charter party arrangements and vice-versa.

The Panamanian Government created the Law 25 of June 3, 2002 that regulates the incentives in the Panamanian Registry.

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